Halloween Party Ambience with Spooky Lofi for Witches + Ambient Halloween Night Sounds

By | September 26, 2022

Enjoy this witchy Halloween ambience with 8 hours of muffled Halloween lofi from another room. This spooky Halloween scene features a magical witch’s cottage in the dark and mysterious forest, jack-o-lanterns, a cauldron, cats, owls, ghosts, and a party for witches! Tap your toe to gentle atmospheric spooky lofi music layered with sounds of crickets, wolves, owls, crows, a bubbling cauldron, rustling leaves, and wind.

This is an 8-hour ASMR ambience video designed to set a Halloween mood for reading, focus, or relaxing. It’ll cast a spell on you!

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1. ’Parking’ Sign
2. Three Cats
3. Crystal Ball
4. Mouse House
5. Owl
6. Two Crows
7. Toad
8. Graveyard
9. Giant Spider
10. Two Skulls
11. Four Moons

12. Twenty-One Witches


Huge thank you to WYS and The Jazz Hop Café for supplying some of the music heard in this video. Check out their full ’Halloween Night’ album here:

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