Haunted Graveyard Halloween Ambience with Spooky and Relaxing Sounds

By | October 13, 2022

Enjoy this haunted graveyard Halloween ambience with 8 hours of relaxing spooky sounds and white noise this All Hallow’s Eve! This spooky Halloween scene features a graveyard full of ghosts, a dark and mysterious forest, a full moon, and a mausoleum filled with mysterious lights. Listen for the sounds of owls, crows, barking dogs, howling wolves, moaning wind, distant chimes, rustling leaves, and mysterious sounds of the night. Play it in the background during your Halloween party or while you wait for trick-or-treaters, or enjoy it while reading some appropriate spine-tinglingly scary literature.

1. Owl
2. Black Cat
3. 2 Moons
4. Skeleton Key
5. Tiny Jack-o’-lantern
6. 7 Pumpkins
7. Top Hat
8. 30 Candles (including pumpkins)
9. Murder (of crows)
10. 5 Mushrooms
11. 7 Spider Webs

12. Second Owl
13. Glowing Purple Eyes
14. 5 Skulls
15. A Wink
16. 5 Black Spiders


This is a 8-hour ASMR ambience video designed for relaxation, reading, focus, or sleep. Relaxing white noise videos like this are created by editing many layers of ambient audio tracks together to create an original background soundscape to help reduce stress and anxiety. All sounds and images were created by Calmed By Nature or used with permission.

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🦉🌿 Hello! Calmed By Nature creates audiovisual experiences and original music for quality sleep, deeper focus, and calming relaxation. I put in around 100 hours of work (and love) into creating original artwork and animations and producing original music and soundscapes.

All sounds and images were created by Calmed By Nature or used with permission.

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