Hypnotizing Music for DEEP SLEEP [ Delta 1.8Hz Binaural Beats ] INSTANT Insomnia Relief

By | June 6, 2022

I composed this hypnotizing sleep music with the intention to help you relax and fall asleep fast. This track ”Distant Thunder” with Delta Binaural Beats Brainwaves can also be used as stress relief music, sleep hypnosis music, meditation music before sleep or as relaxing spa music.

The Binaural Beat frequency may affect brain waves – a process called entrainment
( 🎧 headphones required). No headphones required to enjoy the relaxing sounds.

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Much 💜 Zac

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© Copyright & Credits
・Music, sound-design, graphics and editing by Zac

🎨 Artwork and animation made exclusively for this channel by Anton Dmitriev

All music and audio are original compositions created and produced by me personally.
They can not be copied, reused, remixed, re-uploaded or distributed without permission.

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