Anyone filing a Form I-485 for a green card in the United States needs to take an immigration medical exam. While there are plenty of doctors and clinics that will charge you an arm and a leg or this service, SkyPoint Medical offers the cheapest medical exams around! If you need your immigration medical exam in Hoffman Estates, IL, get it done quickly and cheaply at SkyPoint Medical! We'll make the process as short and sweet as we possibly can so that you can pass your immigration application.

Do I Have to Take a Medical Exam for the I-485 Form?

Yes. There is no way around this. At SkyPoint Medical, our doctors are Immigration-approved and highly recommended. United States law requires that all immigrants be checked for communicable diseases, and only an approved doctor can conduct such an exam. Our goal at SkyPoint Medical is to save our immigration patients money and help them achieve their American Dream.

Please note that the presence of a communicable disease will not necessarily disqualify you from immigration to the US. Today, it is mental health issues that raise the reddest flags concerning Immigration.

Choose Your Immigration Exam Doctor Wisely

Most immigration doctors will do whatever they can to get as much money from you as possible. Your job is to go into the doctor's office with your preparatory information ready, so that you walk out of the doctor's office paying the smallest amount of money as possible.

The medical exam conducted by an immigration medical exam doctor does four things:

1. Vaccinations

We will check your vaccination records to make sure that all of your shots are up-to-date as required by the United States government. Do you have an updated booster shot for the Mumps, Measles, and Rubella? Do you have an updated Tetanus shot?

By law, we are required to check your vaccination record, and whatever shots that you don't have approved, you will be given during your immigration medical exam.

2. Blood Test

A blood test is the best way to discern your overall health and check for conditions.

3. Skin Test

Checking for Tuberculosis

4. Fill Out Immigration Form

We'll document our examination of you, chronicling all of the findings that we discovered, diagnosis that were made, which shots we administered, etc.

How Much Does it Cost for an Immigration Medical Exam in Hoffman Estates, IL?

If you have any questions about your immigration medical exam in Hoffman Estates, IL, call SkyPoint Medical. Whether you have questions about the cost, how the process works, or anything else, SkyPoint Medical will be happy to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

Concerning the cost of the immigration medical exam, there is no set price. What's the reason for this? Ultimately, some patients have more needs than others. For example, some patients have all of their shots up-to-date, and others have none. The more shots the patient needs, the higher their bill is going to be. Still, SkyPoint Medical offers the lowest prices in the region.

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