Old Book Shop Ambience – Rain & Thunder Sounds | Warm Fireplace | Sleep, Study, Meditation

By | July 24, 2022

Enjoy this relaxing ambience at old book shop rain, thunder and fireplace sounds for relaxation, sleeping, study or meditate.

… 📜 Ambience Storyline:

Branches wave in the distance, illuminated by the occasional flash of lightning. The ceiling of the old bookshop creaks as rain beats a constant drumbeat. Ignoring the storm, you examine the private collection laid out before you. You tap a finger triumphantly on an underlined passage in one of the old letters.
A great treasure awaits the first to crack the code. You’ve pored through the works created by these mysterious authors, spending your time alone in the library as you research the history behind this quest. Thunder rumbles as you rummage through the nearest books. The answers are not far away, you know it… and a night of quiet reflection will finally reveal them. You turn the next page.

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Did you know that you can use these ambiences to block distractions, increase productivity, study, work or use them as a sleep aid, relax etc? This rain and thunder sounds helps you fall asleep and sleep all night or any task that requires long periods of concentration.

How this artwork is created:
This ambience was modeled and created in 3D . All the scenario itself was modeled, textured, painted and animated from the root. It is completely original.

3D model of the ambience here:

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