Rainy Treehouse – Sounds of Rain and Thunder for Sleeping, Rest & Calm with Fireplace

By | July 17, 2022

Enjoy this sounds of rain and thunder with fireplace in this cozy tree house ambience for sleep, relax, meditate and study.
This is a sequel of the Rainy Enchanted Forest at Night ambience:

… 📜 Ambience Storyline:

The scent of burning firewood drifts upward, mingling with the pleasant aroma of rain. The telescope squeaks faintly as you release it, unable to peer through the growing mist. The steady tapping of raindrops increases as you move along the upper level of your treehouse. Streaks of rain on window greet you in all directions, accompanied by the gentle roll of thunder sounds. The ladder creaks as you work your way down, tossing another cord of wood into the crackling fireplace. You sit back into your padded armchair and relax, the cares of ordinary life fading away. Rain sounds lull your eyes closed as you hum to yourself, cozy and content.

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Did you know that you can use these ambiences to block distractions, increase productivity, study, work or use them as a sleep aid, relax etc? This rain and thunder sounds helps you fall asleep and sleep all night or any task that requires long periods of concentration.

How this artwork is created:
This ambience was modeled and created in 3D . All the scenario itself was modeled, textured, painted and animated from the root. It is completely original.

3D model of the ambience here:

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