Relaxing Foggy Forest (Virtual Drive) / Rain Storm and Thunder Sounds

By | May 12, 2019

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Take a relaxing virtual drive through a dark mystical and foggy forest with a rain storm and thunder. I had this video in mind for a long time, ever since last year I filmed a similar video and I kept on driving with the camera on when the day started to shift into the night and later I saw how incredibly moody the video was right in those 30minutes when the light was barely seeping though the trees. As there is only around 30minutes to capture this light, plus the fog, rain and everything else needs to align just right to create this magical energy, it took me a long time to finally capture what I was looking for, but this week I was at the right place at the right time. Hope the video will make you drift away into this magical place, forget about your stress and relax.

Thanks to everyone for watching the videos, hope you’re having a good day or a good sleep.

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