Sarasota Eye Doctors

Are you considering your options for Sarasota eye doctors? Are you aware that Coastal Eye Institute has fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in every specialty of eye care, including:

– Laser cataract surgery

– Glaucoma

– Macular degeneration

– Diabetic retinopathy

– Dry Eye disease

– Lasik laser vision correction

– Neuro-Ophthalmology

– Pediatric eye care

– Routine eye care

The Sarasota eye doctors at Coastal Eye Institute provide care for the total health of the eye. If you're suffering with a disorder of the cornea, Coastal Eye can help.

Dry Eye is the most common ocular condition affecting patients. The Sarasota eye doctors are committed to the proper diagnosis and effective treatment of this disease. Dry Eye is a complex condition that causes a multitude of conditions, further complicated since the treatment must be customized to the individual patient. The tear is a complex liquid that has multiple components, and each component must be present in the proper amount to allow for a proper tear film.

One of the first symptoms noticed by patients is ocular irritation. Patients will describe a sandy, gritty foreign body sensation in one or both eyes that becomes more pronounced as the day progresses. Some patients notice a burning sensation when exposed to dry or irritating environments. Patients sometimes report a sensitivity to light. Treatment is centered around replacing the tear volume as well as helping the eye to create its own tear film components.

The Sarasota eye doctors at Coastal Eye Institute are able to perform cornea transplant surgery when necessary. Corneal scars from injuries or infections, keratoconus and Fuchs dystrophy are some of the common reasons why a cornea transplant may be needed. Dr. Davis and Dr. Friedberg are cornea fellowship-trained in performing the latest in cornea transplant techniques. There are two types of cornea transplant performed in Coastal Eye Institute: Penetrating Keratoplasty and DSEK Surgery.

Sarasota residents who are looking for highly skilled eye doctors can consider themselves fortunate to live so close to an eye institute that is able to perform such a wide range of treatment options to patients. Coastal Eye offers two different types of cataract surgery: Micro-incision Phacoemulsification and Laser Refractive cataract surgery. They also offer several options for advanced lens implants during cataract surgery.

Coastal Eye offers Lasik surgery as well, for people who have poor vision due to nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Lasik is performed as an out-patient procedure and can offer patients remarkable vision correction results, often greatly reducing or even eliminating dependence on glasses and contact lenses, through reshaping the cornea.

Wavefront Guided Lasik is one of the latest advances in technology that customizes the procedure to treat a patient's individual prescription. This can result in patients seeing clearer and sharper than through previous technology. Lasik takes less than 20 minutes and is performed under topical anesthesia.

The Sarasota eye doctors at Coastal Eye offer experience, skill and the latest in technology to improve vision, treat eye disease and help patients live a better life. If you'd like to make an appointment at Coastal Eye, please call 941-746-2020.

Sarasota Eye Doctors