SLEEP MUSIC but it’s a retro game 🎃 Insomnia Healing [ DELTA WAVES ] Binaural Beats

By | October 25, 2022

If Sleep Music would be a retro video game! Good night, sleep well and 🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃

Use this sleeping music to heal insomnia. With the added 2Hz DELTA binaural beats it is easy to fall asleep and stay asleep for a soothing night’s rest. Thanks for watching! 🙏✨

The Binaural Beats frequencies may affect brain waves – a process called entrainment
( 🎧headphones required). No headphones required to enjoy the calming sounds.

Have a great sleep!

Much 💙💤

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・Music, sound & visuals made exclusively for this channel by Zac

All music are original compositions created and produced by me personally.
They can not be copied, reused, remixed, re-uploaded or distributed without permission.

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